UEFA Barometer update

At After the flood we make products that last. We help companies create services based on data that have an ongoing use rather than creating one-off data-visualisations. One example is our work for the UEFA 2016 European Championships Player Barometer, … Read More

Why designing for trust matters

Our upcoming talk at O’Reilly AI Conference. Unless you’re Google, or one of the other FAANGs, the question that always comes up is, How do I compete? [Corporation X] has it all sewn up! One of the most fruitful answers … Read More

Speaking at the O’Reilly AI Conference

We are speaking at the O’Reilly AI Conference in London this October. The title of our talk is “Why designing for trust matters”, where we will delve into some of the ways designers and product teams are thinking about creating … Read More

scoutAsia – A new service by the Financial Times & Nikkei

We are very proud to have been part of scoutAsia, a new corporate data and news service from Nikkei and the FT. The service provides up-to-the-minute data, news and context on more than 500,000 Asian companies – including private firms … Read More

GDPR – Creating transparency and trust

GDPR is a great chance to improve the experience of your digital products and services. Companies need to take data security and transparency seriously ahead of the GDPR regulation in the UK on May 25, 2018. But instead of just … Read More

Sparks 2.0

We’ve just launched version 2.0 of Sparks, our sparkline typeface (formerly known as AtF Spark, see below). If the first release was an interesting and somewhat quirky proof of concept, this new version is a robust and versatile tool. The … Read More

How we work with AI

In 2018, we are focussing on designing services powered not just on data, but on Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. This has been our clear direction of travel over the last few years, and it now makes sense to focus … Read More

OptionPlan for Index Ventures

Creating an effective hiring plan Last week, Index Ventures launched their OptionPlan app at SLUSH 2017 in Helsinki. We had a great time working together to design and launch this tool for their community. The OptionPlan app was part of a … Read More

New event series: Frontier Forum

We recently held the first in our new series of events known as Frontier Forum, in collaboration with Futureheads. The invitation-only breakfast was created so executives could come together and share their insights and experiences with data-driven product development. The … Read More

Design Principle #1: Make new data

Most of our projects require us to create a new product driven by data. When we say ‘driven by data’, we don’t mean harnessing current usage data to inform a better version. We mean data drives the product, like engine oil … Read More