Market sizing as a service design tool

After the flood is a project-based business. We help our clients create, build and deliver new value. Increasingly we are asked to design pricing or go-to-market strategies.

On every project, we employ ATF’s design principles and tools such as depth interviews, user research, rapid prototyping, frequent testing and agile development. Our tools are especially sharp when diagnosing available data for new services. We have added some more.

Our clients’ needs for commercial viability as well as a unique proposition means that we are doing regular market sizing and modelling studies as part of our projects.

Our unique diagnostic approach

Design is about understanding the parameters and constraints of a system. At the start of any project we look to understand the following parameters:

  1. Users: their needs, segments and connections.
  2. Data: the technology constraints, gaps and opportunities.
  3. Business: the sector and distinction of the business.

Increasingly we are using financial modelling to go beyond the brand-led service opportunity into the commercial opportunity.

There are a number of benefits to market sizing and the business model early on in a design project. These include:

  1. Identifying the needs of the market.
  2. Informing a sales strategy (licencing, pricing plans etc.)
  3. Informing a go-to-market strategy.
  4. Creating realistic ROI goals.
  5. Identifying any USPs.
  6. Creating a tool for financial projections.
  7. Providing a way to test assumptions.

Our approach with market models is both quantitative and qualitative, mixing methods from traditional consulting and our own design-led thinking. This is rooted in our belief in using all of the tools available to drive project success. Though not prescriptive, this forms a basis for future models as the project and proposition progress.

This method allows us to form an initial market model which includes market size, user characteristics, known competitors, potential revenues and any other markers to assess viability. This intelligence is fed back into the design research and prototyping to get a holistic idea of the experience of using and selling the service.

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