Connected cars: designing with the city in mind

There are many complexities in making connected cars a viable product. Based on our own experience in the smart mobility sector, we provide recommendations on how carmakers, designing with the city in mind, can unlock commercial success and create a … Read More

How connected cars create value for cities and citizens

On August 28th 2019, a sample of Toyota owners received an email offering to collect their driving data and share it with a third-party partner, Progressive, an insurance company.  Services like this will be commonplace in the next decade as … Read More

Smart mobility starts with the city

Smart mobility is a major industrial market, a product of the availability of data, new technologies, and the sharing economy. Services such as Uber, Zipcar and Lyft make use of these technologies and new customer behaviours. Governments are starting to … Read More

Unlocking the transformative value of data: how new, design-led strategies can create value for any business

In summary: The creation of value today requires a radically different approach because of data. Standard definitions of ‘data’ and ‘value’, miss the massive creative power of data for any organisation. A new, design-led approach to data unlocks new and … Read More

State of the Art of Sports Data Visualisation: Part II – Strategy Recommendations

We have described the benefits of how new sports data formats could engage mass-market audiences. In this section, we look at tangible strategies that media, rights holders and sponsors can enact to realise the value of engaging mass audiences in … Read More

State of the Art of Sports Data Visualization: Part I – Format Recommendations

In this section we take a look at some new ways to present data, from rankings and relative quality to the importance of storytelling,  and how they may engage new audiences based on our experience of designing for global reach. … Read More

State of the Art of Sports Data Visualisation: Introduction

We were interested to see the paper State of the Art of Sports Data Visualization by Charles Perin et al., published last year. At After the flood, we have worked on several sports data projects. Sports data complement other means … Read More

How AI can help your organisation with lean decision making

At After the flood, we are often asked to develop products that create predictive analytics, rather than passive displays of information or data due to the perceived value in AI services. Back in 2009, we spoke at the O’Reilly Big … Read More

Build ownership capacity or innovation projects will die

We have been making new digital products and services for clients for more than eight years. During this time we have learned that new products will not survive if ownership capacity is not developed by the external teams who work … Read More

Player Barometer used in Europa League coverage

It’s great to see our work on the UEFA Player Barometer showing data for the upcoming Europa League finalists. The Barometer is managed by UEFA’s product teams as part of a sponsorship with FedEx, now called Performance Zone. It highlights … Read More