Player Barometer used in Europa League coverage

It’s great to see our work on the UEFA Player Barometer showing data for the upcoming Europa League finalists.

The Barometer is managed by UEFA’s product teams as part of a sponsorship with FedEx, now called Performance Zone.

It highlights statistics from all competitors, allowing users to understand the teams they will be coming up against and compare player performance with data appropriate to that player type – e.g clearances from defenders.

We began this work in 2015 and it is still being maintained and improved by the product teams at UEFA, which speaks to how fans are increasingly data-driven.

The recent improvements by UEFA include:

  • Time formats that show the last game the data was gathered from. For example, ‘3 attempts on target vs Burnley (A)’, ‘7 crosses attempted vs Mainz (H)’, helping users understand the provenance and recency of the data.
  • Data that allow fans to better compare the performance of specific player types. For example,  ‘successful final third passes’ for midfielders.
  • Comparison Formats such as ‘Player Comparison’ and ‘How their rankings have changed’.
New subtitle data shows match and performance specific statistics for players
New comparison formats show how rankings have changed over time

The UEFA Europa League final is at 20:00 BST on 29th May 2019. Keep an eye out for changes to the rankings after the game.

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