Smart mobility

We developed a mobility analytics service to help cities manage traffic and emissions

Global cities are facing unprecedented strain on their transport networks, causing problems with congestion, emissions and operational efficiency. We worked with a global mobility brand to help these cities run better.


We designed services to help Bulb acquire and retain more customers

Bulb, the UK’s largest renewable energy supplier, asked us to create propositions that would help them acquire and retain customers. We responded by developing a service that helped customers manage their energy usage and carbon footprint.


We created new editorial data formats to grow UEFA’s customer base

The Player Barometer presents a new type of player rankings that lets UEFA own the debate about the best players by showing ‘player cards’ built on new player metadata to construct a live ranking that is updated at the end of every match.

Our new book

Cities squared: making urban data legible

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Cities squared: an introduction

11th February 2020

Data provides solutions to the most pressing challenges that cities face in the 21st century. Advances in data technologies mean that city managers can capture rich data associated with transport, pollution, and social mobility. But how can we visualise this data, and tell stories with it? How can we use maps to tell these stories?

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Cities squared: making urban data legible

20th January 2020

Cities Squared: Making Urban Data Legible shows new ways to represent data about cities with maps. The complexities of urban geography can make it hard for people to decipher the data that impacts their lives. This book documents an investigation into alternate methods of mapping for plotting data about cities without the scale or shape […]

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