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London Squared and Sparks

We are proud to have launched a new website. features our two most popular design tools, London Squared and Sparks, free to use by anyone wanting to enrich their own data stories.

London Squared in D3

Originally designed for Future Cities Catapult and winner of an Information is Beautiful Award, our London Squared map has been used by institutions such as the GLA and London Fire Brigade.

We have completely overhauled and re-released London Squared as a module for the popular D3 visualisation library, ready to deploy on any webpage. There are guides, live examples and demo code available for anyone to get started. This overhaul will allow anyone to visualise data about London boroughs, and are excited to see how it will be used.

Sparks as a web font

Our most popular tool, Sparks was initially released in September 2017 and then updated with an expanded character set and added line weights last year.

As part of our tools release, Sparks is now hosted on Github so it can quickly be deployed on any website with a simple stylesheet tag. This is similar to other popular web fonts and avoids the need to host them. The tools site also includes guides, live examples and demo code for anyone to get started.

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