Connected cars

Designing with the city in mind

Cities and car manufacturers are currently failing to realize the business value in mobility data in a number of ways: 

  • Ownership of data and data sharing agreements remain vague;
  • Car manufacturers are missing out on significant profits by failing to monetize the data they collect.

Based on our own experience in the smart mobility sector, we provide recommendations on how carmakers, designing with the city in mind, can unlock commercial success and create a transformative value from data.

Our recommendations

Develop with the city in mind

Creating connected cars that significantly benefit the city and add value to the business is critical.

In a recent smart mobility project, we developed a data-driven service that allowed city managers to become more efficient and pursue better civic policies. 

By conducting an in-depth understanding of groups’ and individuals’ motivations and needs, the project shed light on how to improve user experiences.

This was through our playbook method of user-centricity.

Understanding political, procedural and legislative contexts for all new services alongside relationships with their city customers is an important aspect.

Develop data-sharing services

Data storage, V2I and connected car sensors will require platforms to manage and exchange data—enabling new products and services. 

Open data sharing platforms can strengthen commercial and city environmental capabilities—allowing councils and municipalities to create new services. 

A shared data policy should have transparent and sound legal instrumentation allowing for tiered access and commercial streams.

Connected cars will create more value for drivers in safety and financial savings. They will also generate significant value for cities in vehicle-to-infrastructure while contributing to city-management data platforms. By developing new services based on a solid sense of the users and how their cities work, companies can leverage tangible consumer needs and city relationships.

There are commercial opportunities for mobility companies who unlock the transformative value of data by seeing connected cars as creators and not just consumers of data. 

Example of our client frameworks and practices in the smart mobility sphere can be found here

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