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Episode 2 | Cennydd Bowles 14 October 2019 - On our second podcast episode, Founder Max Gadney sat down with author and designer Cennydd Bowles. Cennydd is widely recognised for his book Future Ethics - an exploration on what technologists and the design industry can do to challenge the values and ethical principles of the work they do.  He has worked with clients such as Twitter, Ford, Cisco and… more

Presenting the car-side/city-side: a new lens on the mobility ecosystem 1 October 2019 - We have developed a new framework, the car-side/city-side gap, which highlights the opportunity for better relationships between car manufacturers and cities. Car companies and cities need to work better together, especially in data sharing and collaboration in new service development,… more
Connected cars: designing with the city in mind 16 September 2019 - There are many complexities in making connected cars a viable product. Based on our own experience in the smart mobility sector, we provide recommendations on how carmakers, designing with the city in mind, can unlock commercial success and create a… more
How connected cars create value for cities and citizens 10 September 2019 - On August 28th 2019, a sample of Toyota owners received an email offering to collect their driving data and share it with a third-party partner, Progressive, an insurance company.  Services like this will be commonplace in the next decade as… more
Smart mobility starts with the city 30 July 2019 - Smart mobility is a major industrial market, a product of the availability of data, new technologies, and the sharing economy. Services such as Uber, Zipcar and Lyft make use of these technologies and new customer behaviours. Governments are starting to… more
Episode 1 | Andy Kirk 25 July 2019 - On our first podcast episode, Max Gadney sat down with data visualisation specialist Andy Kirk. If you’re interested in all things data visualisation, data design and sports this is a must-listen. Andy is a data visualisation specialist, author and editor… more
Unlocking the transformative value of data: how new, design-led strategies can create value for any business 2 July 2019 - In summary: The creation of value today requires a radically different approach because of data. Standard definitions of ‘data’ and ‘value’, miss the massive creative power of data for any organisation. A new, design-led approach to data unlocks new and… more