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Lawyers are the levers in designing complex services 2 April 2019- Lawyers are crucial in any service design project of sufficient scale and complexity. Our recent large projects have gone beyond just making digital products into wider areas of service design. We have been creating go-to-market strategies, brokering multi-partner data sharing agreements and drafting licensing documents. Our commercial research helps us determine pricing plans and MVP data-sets, but in order to… more
We’re hiring a Community Content Officer 28 March 2019- We’re looking for a creative, enthusiastic and articulate community content officer to join our team. You will be responsible for developing and managing the company’s content marketing strategy. Working with our executive team you will plan, execute and increase the… more
Free tools for communicating data 19 March 2019- We are proud to have launched a new website. features our two most popular design tools, London Squared and Sparks, free to use by anyone wanting to enrich their own data stories. London Squared in D3 Originally designed for… more
Market sizing as a service design tool 18 February 2019- After the flood is a project-based business. We help our clients create, build and deliver new value. Increasingly we are asked to design pricing or go-to-market strategies. On every project, we employ ATF’s design principles and tools such as depth… more
UEFA Barometer update 13 December 2018- At After the flood we make products that last. We help companies create services based on data that have an ongoing use rather than creating one-off data-visualisations. One example is our work for the UEFA 2016 European Championships Player Barometer,… more
Why designing for trust matters 5 October 2018- Our upcoming talk at O’Reilly AI Conference. Unless you’re Google, or one of the other FAANGs, the question that always comes up is, How do I compete? [Corporation X] has it all sewn up! One of the most fruitful answers… more