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Predictions 2020

7th January 2020

After the flood have built a “prediction” generator. Through a simple mad libs style generator, we aim for funny but hope for the occasional insight or provocation.

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Creating services at the crossroads of mobility and energy
14th November 2019

A design-thinking and data-driven approach are key in commercialising activities of business and drivers alike.

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Our framework for creating value in the mobility ecosystem
1st October 2019

We have developed a new framework which highlights the opportunity for better relationships between car manufacturers and cities. Read more to see our top six solutions.

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Connected cars

Designing with the city in mind
16th September 2019

How car manufacturers can unlock commercial success and a transformative value from data?

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How connected cars create value for cities and citizens

10th September 2019

How will connected cars create more value for drivers? From safety, financial savings and vast data platforms, we explore some of the vital benefits of connected cars.

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Smart mobility starts with the city

30th July 2019

Four recommendations for developing commercially successful mobility services, with lasting civic and financial value to the city.

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Unlocking the business value of data

How new, design-led strategies can create value for any business
2nd July 2019

A new, design-led approach to data unlocks new and transformative kinds of value. We present four interdependent, design-led principles, appropriate to any organisation.

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State of the Art of Sports Data Visualisation

Strategy Recommendations
14th June 2019

In this section, we look at tangible strategies that media, rights holders and sponsors can enact to realise the value of engaging mass audiences in visual sports-data formats.

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State of the Art of Sports Data Visualisation

Format Recommendations
10th June 2019

In this section we take a look at some new ways to present data, from rankings and relative quality to the importance of storytelling.

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State of the Art of Sports Data Visualisation


Understanding how sports data visualisations can be put into practice to engage a mass-market audience.

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How AI can help your organisation with lean decision making

7th June 2019

What next?

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