We created new services to help Bulb acquire and retain more customers

Generating meaning through context

Bulb, the UK’s largest renewable energy supplier, asked us to create propositions that would help them acquire and retain customers. We responded by developing a service that helped customers manage their energy usage and carbon footprint.

Our work began by exploring customer usage data. By analysing energy usage patterns we were able to create new customer segments driven by insights into how customers use energy throughout the day, and how those patterns change over the course of a year. With our usage analysis in hand, we developed new and better ways to visualise energy data, helping customers put their own actions into context.

Based on the insights we pulled from the usage patterns, we developed a mobile billing app that helps customers understand how much they were saving through solar generation, how their home network enables domestic electric vehicle charging, when to switch their billing plan, and more.

This work for Bulb has a direct connection to the service design and go-to-market strategy we developed for Ford Smart Mobility in the space of city analytics. We are certain that energy and mobility corporations can realise more value from their data by better understanding user and city needs. We can build on that insight with design to make those ideas both tangible and commercial.

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