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Cities squared: making urban data legible

20th January 2020

Cities Squared: Making Urban Data Legible shows new ways to represent data about cities with maps. The complexities of urban geography can make it hard for people to decipher the data that impacts their lives. This book documents an investigation into alternate methods of mapping for plotting data about cities without the scale or shape […]

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We created new services to help Bulb acquire and retain more customers

19th September 2019

Generating meaning through context Bulb, the UK’s largest renewable energy supplier, asked us to create propositions that would help them acquire and retain customers. We responded by developing a service that helped customers manage their energy usage and carbon footprint. Our work began by exploring customer usage data. By analysing energy usage patterns we were […]

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We increased Redburn’s customer base by 60% following our redesign of their IDEAS platform

15th May 2019

Improving customer experience We redesigned Redburn’s value investing service IDEAS, which attracted 45% more users across 60% more investment institutions within six months of its launch.  IDEAS helps industry experts understand and develop new insights about the market through Redburn’s proprietary valuation data. It allows users to gain an edge in their investment decisions by making new […]

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Index Ventures’ OptionPlan calculator helps CEOs plan their equity allocation

14th May 2019

Enabling entrepreneurs to retain talent We worked with Index Ventures to design OptionPlan, a tool that helps startups across the US and Europe calculate and create effective stock option plans, encouraging entrepreneurs to reward and retain their talent. Based on data from 73 companies in Seed and Venture stages we designed OptionPlan to allow entrepreneurs […]

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We developed a new revenue making venture for a financial services client

17th October 2018

A new data science business We’re currently designing and building a new data-science business for a blue-chip financial services client—specifying products, formatting billable activities and building capacity. This kind of work represents a shift in our focus at After the flood from product design, to a consultancy innovation model: we solve business problems and identify […]

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We developed a mobility analytics service to help cities manage traffic and emissions

14th September 2018

Helping global cities serve their citizens Ford Smart Mobility asked us to help them develop an Intelligent Transport System to sell to cities that would create value for Ford via revenue, new IP based on data usage, and relationships with city managers across the globe. Cities around the world are facing a massive strain on […]

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We helped the UK government to manage their digital transformation

28th November 2017

We developed a service prototype that showcased GOV.UK usage data across services such as tax, benefit applications and employment services.

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We created new editorial data formats to grow UEFA’s customer base

27th November 2017

The Player Barometer presents a new type of player rankings that lets UEFA own the debate about the best players.

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We designed a situation awareness platform for civic airspace management

Reducing waste with business intelligence The US civil aviation industry wastes $31bn dollars per year on inefficiencies such as delays, circling planes and refunds for late arrivals. Passur’s software helps airlines, airport executives and government officials manage their fleets, sites and networks better by gathering data to feed predictive models. Passur aviation asked us to […]

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We developed 1-to-1 for the NHS to help midwives respond better to women in their care

22nd November 2017

1-to-1 connects patients and carers We built the 1-to-1 service in order to make it easy for women to get accurate and efficient care when they need it by sending messages to their midwife when they aren’t in the room. By collecting the right GDPR-compliant data we can model, predict and prevent anxiety across demographic […]

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