We helped the UK government to manage their digital transformation

The digital content revolution

The award-winning GOV.UK generates massive amounts of site data that needs to be communicated to those who manage short- and long-term decisions.

We developed a service prototype that showcased GOV.UK usage data across services such as tax, benefit applications, and employment services.

We used our corporate cartography and performance framework data diagnostic tools to understand key decision-makers and how they were connected to the rest of the organisation. This principle of ‘social information’—how insights are shared in organisations—runs through many projects.

What we did

We were asked to create a tool for many levels of the department so that users could get the data they needed to make their decisions. These levels were from very senior (MPs, Permanent Secretaries) through the middle management of departments and to the people on the ground managing the services. The demo and V1 specification would then be used to show other government departments the potential of data display tools.

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