Index Ventures’ OptionPlan calculator helps CEOs plan their equity allocation

Enabling entrepreneurs to retain talent

We worked with Index Ventures to design OptionPlan, a tool that helps startups across the US and Europe calculate and create effective stock option plans, encouraging entrepreneurs to reward and retain their talent.

Based on data from 73 companies in Seed and Venture stages we designed OptionPlan to allow entrepreneurs to calculate how much equity to award each team member using easy to understand metrics. Our ability to understand the needs of the business and our creativity, insight and technical prototyping expertise meant we could bring Index Ventures’ unique dataset and model to life.

The OptionPlan calculator was released as part of Index Ventures’ Rewarding Talent campaign. The service has received wide recognition. Try OptionPlan out here.

“After the flood not only created an intuitive user experience but got to grips with our business needs really quickly. Their design work on OptionPlan allowed our large audience to seamlessly interact and benefit from our sophisticated data model.”

Dominic Jacquesson, VP Talent, Index Ventures

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