Player Barometer used in Europa League coverage

23rd May 2019

The Barometer is managed by UEFA’s product teams as part of a sponsorship with FedEx, now called Performance Zone.

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Lawyers are the levers in designing complex services

2nd April 2019

Our commercial research helps us determine pricing plans and MVP data-sets, but in order to unlock action or permission, we often need legal documentation, contracts and agreements in place.

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Free tools for communicating data

London Squared and Sparks
19th March 2019

We are proud to have launched a new website. features our two most popular design tools, London Squared and Sparks.

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Market sizing as a service design tool

18th February 2019

Our approach with market models is both quantitative and qualitative, mixing methods from traditional consulting and our own design-led thinking. This is rooted in our belief in using all of the tools available to drive project success.

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UEFA Barometer update

13th December 2018

One example is our work for the UEFA 2016 European Championships Player Barometer, which has evolved into the UEFA FedEx Performance Zone.

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Why designing for trust matters

5th October 2018

One of the most fruitful answers that we want to talk about is: trust. And specifically, designing for trust – the trust of your business, and the trust of your future users.

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Speaking at the O’Reilly AI Conference

14th May 2018

We are speaking at the O’Reilly AI Conference in London this October. The title of our talk is “Why designing for trust matters”, where we will delve into some of the ways designers and product teams are thinking about creating systems with transparency, trust and privacy in mind.

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scoutAsia – A new service by the Financial Times & Nikkei

24th April 2018

We are very proud to have been part of scoutAsia, a new corporate data and news service from Nikkei and the FT. The service provides up-to-the-minute data, news and context on more than 500,000 Asian companies – including private firms – across more than 20 countries in North Asia, South Asia and ASEAN.

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GDPR – Creating transparency and trust

9th March 2018

GDPR is a great chance to improve the experience of your digital products and services.

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How we work with AI

10th January 2018

All systems are defined by its inputs as much as its resulting outputs, and it is this principle we use to organise our thoughts when designing for AI.

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