Smart mobility

We developed a mobility analytics service to help cities manage traffic and emissions

Global cities are facing unprecedented strain on their transport networks, causing problems with congestion, emissions and operational efficiency. We worked with a global mobility brand to help these cities run better.

Financial services

We designed a brand new market intelligence service for Nikkei

We worked with product leaders at Nikkei and the Financial Times to develop a brand new product proposition in market intelligence.


We redesigned Redburn’s value investing service increasing their customer base by 60%

IDEAS helps industry experts understand and develop new insights about the market through Redburn’s proprietary valuation data. Working with Redburn to understand their workflows, opportunities, and barriers helped us identify core areas of improvement in IDEAS’ design and usability.


We developed 1-to-1 for the NHS to help midwives respond better to women in their care

We built the 1-to-1 service in order to make it easy for women to get accurate and efficient care when they need it by sending messages to their midwife when they aren’t in the room.


We designed new services to help Bulb acquire and retain more customers

Bulb, the UK’s largest renewable energy supplier, asked us to create propositions that would help them acquire and retain customers. We responded by developing a service that helped customers manage their energy usage and carbon footprint.


We designed Index Ventures’ OptionPlan calculator to help CEOs plan their equity allocation

We worked with Index Ventures to design a tool that helps startups across the US and Europe calculate and create an effective option plan encouraging entrepreneurs to reward and retain their talent. OptionPlan provides a comprehensive guide on stock options for entrepreneurs, using data from 73 companies in the Seed and Venture stages.


We prototyped a new business venture for a financial services client

We’re devised and built a new data-science business for a blue-chip financial services client, specifying products, formatting billable activities, and building capacity.


We created new product and tech IP, augmenting internal teams with our expertise

We worked with Google to brainstorm and prototype new product ideas across diverse areas such as B2B tools and consumer experiences. Our work builds on and augments the work done by internal teams.


We created new editorial data formats to grow UEFA’s customer base

The Player Barometer presents a new type of player rankings that lets UEFA own the debate about the best players by showing ‘player cards’ built on new player metadata to construct a live ranking that is updated at the end of every match.