We developed 1-to-1 for the NHS to help midwives respond better to women in their care

The Client: NHS

1-to-1 connects patients and carers

We built the 1-to-1 service in order to make it easy for women to get accurate and efficient care when they need it by sending messages to their midwife when they aren’t in the room. By collecting the right GDPR-compliant data we can model, predict and prevent anxiety across demographic proxy-users to feed back to real patients.

1-to-1 works across a variety of touchpoints including apps for women and midwives, training scripts and ward-level management screens. The service is currently in trial and aims to roll out across other birth wards, eventually serving other conditions as well.


To make the pilot as inclusive as possible, we set up an iPod loan program for midwives without a smartphone.

Pre-setup iPods with reference material and protective sleeves were given out to midwives on the birth centre.

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