Validating smart city services to benefit citizens and officials

Connection data across London and it’s boroughs

Future Cities Catapult asked us to create a service that would enable businesses, government and citizens to benefit from the data being gathered in cities.

We started with London, looking at different initiatives across the city, in boroughs, businesses and different locations such as schools and parks.

This work has since fed other Smart City and government projects including mapping projects for NGOs and Smart Mobility work.

What we did

  • Interviews with City and corporate stakeholders, using this data to visualise stakeholder maps.
  • Creating a service framework that showed all potential products within the service and who they helped.
  • Creating a performance framework that aligns data need of different stakeholders.
  • Creating prototypes of different services for testing across a range of outputs such as public engagement apps, government analytics platforms, and storage protocols and data modelling standards.
  • Creating a bespoke data visualisation layer, the London Squared Map.

You can use the London Squared Map for your own projects. Get it at

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