Episode 1 | Andy Kirk

Episode 1 | Andy Kirk

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On our first podcast episode, Max Gadney sat down with data visualisation specialist Andy Kirk. If you’re interested in all things data visualisation, data design and sports this is a must-listen. Andy is a data visualisation specialist, author and editor of the award-winning website www.visualisingdata.com. Andy has worked with a range of clients including CERN, Google and Bank of England. Andy also provides design consultancy for Arsenal FC analytics and performance team.

Sports data visualisation with Andy Kirk

Based on our experience in the sports industry, it made sense our first episode would look at the current trends of data visualisation in sports whether that’s on TV or second screen devices. Andy and Max go through current trends and what the future holds for an era of more resonant, abstract and imperfect visualisation. 

Visualising Data / Andy Kirk
Our work with UEFA Europa League
Colours of Taylor Swift by Shirley Wu
State of the Art in Sports Data Visualisation white paper

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