Working with Redburn

We are currently working with Redburn, Europe’s leading independent equity research and broking firm. Working with Redburn we have been able to build on our earlier work in this area and have deepened our understanding of how institutional investors consume … Read More

Presenting London Squared at #geomob London

image_1 On Tuesday 13th Jan, at 18:30, Max Gadney will be presenting our work on the London Squared mapping project at the #geomob London event. Max will be discussing the challenges in creating maps for data portrayal as opposed to wayfinding. … Read More

Focus, Football, Finance

Taking stock of 2014, we can see that a few patterns in our work have emerged.   First is the need to focus on what we are – a design company that does projects. We need to remember this because being … Read More

The Social Life of Information

video_1   Max Gadney talks about After the Flood’s journey to becoming a service design studio. This talk was given to a ProductTank, the premium gathering of digital product management professionals. The key take-out of this talk is: ‘Our recent projects don't just … Read More

Speaking at ProductTank October 2014

Max Gadney will be speaking about how designing for people and data creates services. He will highlight work for BBC, GDS and others too. This from the meetup page:   ‘Max will be describing the reality of bringing services into … Read More

After The Flood is 3 Years Old

We’ll be three years old at the end of September 2014. Here are 10 things we have learned along the way: 1. Designing Services Service Design has emerged as a large part of what we do. We now work on product … Read More

Mobile Design: ‘Responsive’ is Not a Noun

‘Make it responsive’ is something we don’t really hear our clients say. Yet, strangely, it is what most design companies offer under their ‘mobile services’. But what is not to like about a website squeezing beautifully into a smaller tablet or phone display? It is … Read More

Data Doesn’t Care

image_1   We have a picture in the studio that serves to reminds us of the chaotic and dangerous nature of our main building material. It is a still from The Dark Knight and shows Heath Ledger’s Joker in post-crime rapture. The … Read More

Who We Hire #1

Two stories/same thing:   One We had finished a week of discovery workshops and our client (board member of financial institution)  said ‘it’s been very good – it's strange – you guys aren’t much like other designers’. I had been here before. … Read More

Working with Google

We are proud to announce a recent collaboration with Google. Though we cannot go into details of the project, it was fascinating opportunity to see how they worked. Google are a rare company – not often does one encounter a business … Read More