After the Flood is closing

25th February 2020

On February 25th, after a decade of business, we’ll be closing After the Flood to focus on other projects. We’d like to thank all of our clients and collaborators for their support.

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Cities squared: an introduction

11th February 2020

Data provides solutions to the most pressing challenges that cities face in the 21st century. Advances in data technologies mean that city managers can capture rich data associated with transport, pollution, and social mobility. But how can we visualise this data, and tell stories with it? How can we use maps to tell these stories?

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Cities squared: making urban data legible

20th January 2020

Cities Squared: Making Urban Data Legible shows new ways to represent data about cities with maps. The complexities of urban geography can make it hard for people to decipher the data that impacts their lives. This book documents an investigation into alternate methods of mapping for plotting data about cities without the scale or shape […]

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Sparks 2.0

7th February 2018

We’ve just launched version 2.0 of Sparks, our sparkline typeface (formerly known as AtF Spark, see below). If the first release was an interesting and somewhat quirky proof of concept, this new version is a robust and versatile tool.

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Rapid Prototyping the Connected Museum

18th June 2015

We worked on projects with two of London’s leading museums that focused on rapid prototyping practices used elsewhere in the industry. These quick projects that deliver results and actionable visitor insight are very suited to current financial realities and mitigate delivery risk. Both projects have involved thinking about the role of the museum in 2015 and how […]

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