Data and AI: How healthcare should use it (or, Florence and the machine)

2nd December 2016

After the flood director Max Gadney wrote the below article for The Huffington Post on November 18, 2016. Health services around the world are stretched. Austerity economies have squeezed public health services while private suppliers compete on ever tighter margins. But there are ways to improve. One aspect of modern technology is particularly useful for […]

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The Design of Good Talks

12th October 2016

As you may be aware, we have recently relaunched our Design of Understanding event as a new quarterly series. This has got us thinking about the structure and system of a good talk. It is the conference organiser’s job to make sure every minute is enjoyable and insightful, so we try to follow these rules: […]

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What is the Design of Understanding?

7th October 2016

We’re reinventing our Design of Understanding conference as a quarterly event. The Design of Understanding conference initially ran from 2011 to 2014 as a one-day event celebrating design and related areas. We discussed subjects broaching statistical literacy, linguistic ethnography, cyber security, paleo-art and favela architecture. We raised a lot of money for our host, the St […]

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After the Flood speaking at UCD 2016

15th September 2016

Max Gadney, Director, After the Flood will be speaking at UCD 2016 this October. Max will be speaking on Making Sense of Systems – how system illiteracy is a massive threat to our age and how designers can help. Max will draw on many ideas from After the Flood projects and inspiration from elsewhere, including designing for […]

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What Alan Moore and the red thread can teach us about information design

30th August 2016

In addition to running After the flood, I am writing a comic. To make a successful comic, the very first stage – before any thinking on form-thinking – needs to be a careful process of planning the  purpose and motivation behind the story. The point I want to make here is about editing, and how […]

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One for the books: information design in the real world

11th August 2016

We want to talk about book spine design. Why? You may consider this an ultimately ignorable element of the book creation process, but at After the flood we’re focused on the details. Behind every design choice there should be a thoughtful process, and when it comes to books some have this process nailed better than […]

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In-screen Sports Graphics

10th January 2014

The increasingly sophisticated visualisation of sports statistics can be extended to other fields, such as building or commerce, and help to improve the general quality of information. 29 February 2012. One of the highlights of the Strata 2012 conference in Santa Clara CA was a talk by Ryan Ismert from Sportvision. Sportvision make the graphics that […]

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