After the Flood speaking at UCD 2016

Max Gadney, Director, After the Flood will be speaking at UCD 2016 this October.

Max will be speaking on Making Sense of Systems – how system illiteracy is a massive threat to our age and how designers can help.

Max will draw on many ideas from After the Flood projects and inspiration from elsewhere, including designing for AI and work in sports data.

Learn more about UCD 2016 below.

When: Saturday 15 October, 2.50pm-3.10pm
Where: The King’s Fund, Deans Mews, 11-13 Cavendish Square, London W1G 0AN

About UCD 2016

At this year’s UCD Conference, we’ll be exploring the philosophical tension between humanity and science in post-digital, networked civilizations; how do we design for our evolving species, and what does it mean to be human in a digitized world?

Our line-up of distinguished speakers includes designers, scientists, technologists, philosophers, artists, thinkers, writers, performers, and activists. You’ll know some of them already – by name, and by reputation – and you’ll meet many for the first time.

Everyone you meet at UCD is an inventor – bringing new ideas to life, inventing new ways for technology to fill the gaps in our world, though artificial intelligence, connected products and services, big data, virtual reality and simulated worlds, service design, biohacking, gaming, robotics and sympathetic machines, computer vision, human behaviour analysis, security, automation, and the future of healthcare, energy, social good, civil disobedience, cities, media, cars, commerce, finance, the global poor…

Beyond the debate about the rise of the machines vs. the fall of humanity, be prepared to confront your own digital behavior – there’s no reward without risk at UCD – and to come away with new insight into the high-stakes game of designing technology for humanity.

Join the agitators, the innovators, and the rule breakers at #UCD16.

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