Episode 2 | Cennydd Bowles

Episode 2 | Cennydd Bowles

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On our second podcast episode, Founder Max Gadney sat down with author and designer Cennydd Bowles. Cennydd is widely recognised for his book Future Ethics – an exploration on what technologists and the design industry can do to challenge the values and ethical principles of the work they do.  He has worked with clients such as Twitter, Ford, Cisco and the BBC and has lectured at Facebook, Stanford University and Google. Max and Cennydd discuss real-life examples of collective action, and what designers and technologists can do to create a momentum of change. 

You can find out more about Cennydd’s work at www.future-ethics.com.


Future Ethics.
Speculative Everything – Design, Fiction, and Social Dreaming – Anthony Dunne and  Fiona Raby.
Nudge Theory.
Google walkouts.
Government Design Principles.
Client Earth.
Hooked – Nir Eyla.
The Uninhabitable Earth – David Wallace-Wells.
Certified B Corporation.
Climate change movement: Alex Steffen, Bill Mckibben, Extinction Rebellion, Sunrise Movement, Greta Thunberg.

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