OptionPlan for Index Ventures

Creating an effective hiring plan

Last week, Index Ventures launched their OptionPlan app at SLUSH 2017 in Helsinki. We had a great time working together to design and launch this tool for their community. The OptionPlan app was part of a wider campaign that includes a comprehensive guide to stock options for European entrepreneurs. It allows them to create an effective option plan so they know how much to award to each team member.

For tech startups, the most critical ingredient to become the next global giant is access to talent. Without this, it is impossible to grow.

Index Ventures

In a rapid prototyping and design sprint, we worked with Index Ventures’ specialists Dominic Jacquesson and Avron Marcus to bring their unique dataset and calculator concept to life.

After the flood quickly understood the needs of the community and our unique take on how European entrepreneurs should create effective stock option plans. Their ability to quickly understand the business needs and match that to what the model could do has resulted in the successful launch of the tool.

Dominic Jacquesson

The OptionPlan app has already had a lot of praise online and we are proud to have been a part of its release.

It was also featured on Product Hunt.

You can check out the app on their website.

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