Themes from the FT Future of the Car Summit

21st May 2019

Digitisation, ecosystem approach and opportunities in data; what we learned from the Financial Times ‘Future of the Car’ summit.

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The world’s first code-free sparkline typeface

27th November 2017

Displaying charts in text without having to use code.

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Unlocking the value in your data with Lean concept development

21st July 2017

In 2017, it’s no secret that businesses are failing to capitalise on their data. All companies now sit on piles of data that they could be using to optimise their businesses, gain customer insights and create products that attract new customers.

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Welcome Sabih Ali

11th July 2017

Sabih Ali has joined us as Commercial & Business Development Director to advance our growth plans. Sabih will be working with us on further professionalising our pipeline and operations. As we grow, we will need to standardise the best of our tools and approaches to give client projects the maximum time they need to deliver […]

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Design principles at After the flood

24th March 2017

1. Make new data Make new datasets as part of new propositions. Or relaunch a product with new data added. User needs will not just be met by a new interface. To meet users needs, a product will need to do things and new data will enable that. Specify what that data needs to do […]

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Working with Nikkei

8th March 2017

Nikkei are one of the world’s most prestigious information and media brands. Our expertise across a wide range of sectors is proving useful. Our new platform is due to launch in 2018. You can read a bit more on our project page.

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The strategy is invention

7th March 2017

Having spent years getting their digital operations in basic working order, businesses need to once again begin inventing new propositions. The problem is that invention requires a fresh pair of eyes and new tools, different from those used in operational improvement.

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Working with the Financial Times and Nikkei

25th January 2017

We are currently working on a project with the Financial Times and Nikkei. We cannot say much about the nature of the work at the moment, but it is great to build on our expertise in finance to work with these organisations. We’ll release more details later in the year…

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New project in healthcare: Future Pharmacy

12th December 2016

We’ve started working with the team at Future Pharmacy to define their next generation of products. One of our aims this year was to start doing more work in healthcare and this is a great addition to work for Nature Publishing and ‘1-to-1’, our collaboration with Dr. Daghni Rajasingham at St Thomas’ Hospital in London. Next […]

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Digital Arts: How to design using data better

31st October 2016

After the flood founder, Max Gadney wrote the below article for Digital Arts originally published on October 4, 2016. Infographics are failing us—as we need to add meaning to data rather than just order or simplicity, explains Max Gadney from After The Flood, which has created big-data-driven projects for UEFA, the BBC and the government. There’s […]

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