AtF Spark: Two weeks on


It’s been a great couple of weeks for us after the release of AtF Spark, with lots of engagement online and in the wider community.

Downloads from our website have been growing everyday 5{8,24,33,37,40,45,60,63,87,100}9546 since the release, now almost at 10,000!

We’ve had some great press including this article in FastCoDesign and a feature by Springwise.

Nils Persson used it to create his first WordPress plugin and had this to say:

“I encountered the AtF Spark font and thought the concept of sparklines is so simple yet powerful, I  have to give it a shot in my first plugin.”

Paul Bradshaw has written a very detailed guide on how to create a web page using AtF Spark (link).

The release sparked a very lively discussion on Hacker News (link).

It was even mentioned by Edward Tufte himself (tweet)!

There has been a lot of discussion on Twitter too, so make sure you follow us to join the conversation and stay up to date.

We would like to thank everyone for all their support so far and encourage all of you to continue sending us your feedback. You can raise an issue on Github or get in touch.

What’s coming in future releases

We want to expand AtF Spark to make it more robust for different contexts. We will be adding a glyph library: Win, Lose, Draw (for sports) and more. We also want to add more increments, possibly up to a 100 in all types to allow for true percentages. Keep an eye on Github for updates.

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