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We redesigned Redburn’s value investing service increasing their customer base by 60%


The Client: Redburn

Improving customer experience

We redesigned Redburn’s value investing service IDEAS, which attracted 45% more users across 60% more institutions within six months of its launch. 

IDEAS helps industry experts understand and develop new insights about the market through Redburn’s proprietary valuation data. It allows users to gain an edge in their investment decisions by making new valuations and comparisons. Working with Redburn to understand their workflows, opportunities and barriers helped us identify core areas of improvement in IDEAS’ design and usability. 

With a solution-based mindset, spending time with the business, brand and their data we created unique software redesigned in a way that was clear and consistent. 

Designing a new typology of users, providing alternative views for different contexts and a personal dashboard helps users stay on top of changes in the market and make complex constructions of their own. 

“High-quality digital design and build matters in our industry. After the flood has played a significant role in helping IDEAS attract new clients.”Jeremy Evans, Founder and Senior Partner, Redburn

This work builds on our substantial experience in the research, broking and fund management world. We have assembled a typology of investment styles which we now use across all projects to help us pinpoint product and personalisation opportunities.


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