We’re hiring a designer

We are seeking a confident and multi-faceted designer looking to work at the intersection of data visualisation, visual design, interaction design, and motion design. This role is for an initial six month contract with the possibility of extending to a full-time role.



Visual design: you should have excellent visual design skills, especially but not exclusively as they relate to data visualisation; you should be able to bring product concepts and wireframes to life as first sketches all the way to polished final work; you should understand design treatments are executed in code so that work is both realistic and boundary pushing.

Motion design: you should have experience in motion design and video, with the ability to translate digital products into moving stories.


User experience design: you should be be versed in user-centred design approaches, from gathering insights to devising workflows; while your primary role will be as a visual designer, you should understand how that work fits into the larger context of a digital product that will be used by humans.


You will be responsible for working with the studio and design directors to develop a visual language for digital products. You’ll need to work well with a small and diverse team, making decisions based on user research along with technical and business parameters. Concepts will typically need to work across a variety of media channels so your work will need to be smart, beautiful, and adaptable.

A solid understanding of user-experience design is a plus, but your primary responsibilities will be for visual and motion design. You will need to be fluent in video and motion software, and able to pick up new tools as each project demands.

We work closely with our clients so good communication skills are a must. Also, understanding that you work in a collaborative team where it is common for responsibilities to be shared and fluid – the final product is a group effort and gets better with iteration.


You will have at least three years experience – ideally this will include some time working in an agency.

You are a responsible adult. You show up on time, you can estimate how long your work will take and then deliver on that, you keep your team apprised of your progress, etc.

You have experience with some combination of Sketch, Figma, the Adobe suite (Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop, After Effects, etc.), Final Cut.

You should be comfortable presenting your work, articulating your decision making process, and making a case for why it matters. You should also be a good listener, able to take criticism, and experienced at parsing feedback into a workable plan.

Salary is competitive, based on experience.

About After the flood

We help clients like Ford, Nikkei/FT, Gov.uk and the BBC by building processes and products. Our multi-skilled team consists of designers, technologists, product and growth people.

We are a small team and every member develops a broad skill-set with a lot of opportunities to solve complex problems fast.

We do the following:

  • Create propositions and their go-to-market strategy.
  • Look for product-fit and traction from real customers and market needs.
  • Embed processes with clients that reduce wasted time, risk and cost.

We are not overly process driven and always favour doing the pragmatic thing, however the way you’ll work will be influenced by a range of methods including:

  • Lean/continual improvement.
  • Growth mindset and methods.
  • User-centred design.

To apply, submit your CV via email here.