Journal posts
Design Principle #1: Make new data 23 October 2017- Most of our projects require us to create a new product driven by data. When we say ‘driven by data’, we don’t mean harnessing current usage data to inform a better version. We mean data drives the product, like engine oil… more
AtF Spark: Two weeks on 14 September 2017- Reaction It's been a great couple of weeks for us after the release of AtF Spark, with lots of engagement online and in the wider community. Downloads from our website have been growing everyday 5{8,24,33,37,40,45,60,63,87,100}9546 since the release, now almost at 10,000!… more
MiFID II – It’s not just about the pricing 28 July 2017- We all know the problems that equity research operations face in January 2018,  with many now focussed on new pricing models. By using design thinking, leaders can transform MiFID II into an opportunity and stay competitive in the long run. Our… more
Unlocking the value in your data with Lean concept development 21 July 2017- Introduction In 2017, it’s no secret that businesses are failing to capitalise on their data. All companies now sit on piles of data that they could be using to optimise their businesses, gain customer insights and create products that attract… more
Welcome Sabih Ali 11 July 2017- Sabih Ali has joined us as Commercial & Business Development Director to advance our growth plans. Sabih will be working with us on further professionalising our pipeline and operations. As we grow, we will need to standardise the best of… more
Design principles at After the flood 24 March 2017- 1. Make new data Make new datasets as part of new propositions. Or relaunch a product with new data added. User needs will not just be met by a new interface. To meet users needs, a product will need to… more